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WILLARD SCOTT BIRTHDAY / WEDDING ANNIVERSARY REQUEST FOR ON-AIR ANNOUNCEMENT FORM CELEBRANT S FIRST LAST NAME include pronunciation if necessary PLEASE SELECT THE TYPE OF CELEBRATION CENTENARIAN BIRTHDAY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY The age of celebrant on his/her birthdate The celebrants years of marriage For a chance at TODAY Show recognition the celebrant must be For a chance at TODAY show recognition the couple must be married 75 years or more. at least 100 years old. GENDER MALE FEMALE...
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Now let's head to Washington to check in with Willard Scott with some birthdays Willard good morning and once again from the beautiful National Gallery of Art in Washington DC the skating rink I guess you could figure that out here as well for the people skating happy birthday whose muggers take a look of you will Elizabeth would argh Greensboro North Carolina a hundred and four and she was a pediatric nurse for years okay and here's Roma I like that man Roma Luke poll I love a great man Roma no same homeless 100 years old today and Portland great state of Oregon pretty a statement country please beautiful beautiful ocean longevity she says peaceful spirit palm blacks will get all fired up we love you Ted Stern Charleston South Carolina captain Butler's hometown 100 years old the day and he was president of the College in Charleston and he also is a very very philanthropic game thank you sir and statin he and she is 103 years old today here's a great bowler and she's also from San Jose California in case you know the way she bowled until she at 93 number 30 here is Albert Payton Pine Bluff Arkansas 100 years old today and he has a handsome fellow it started as a self-taught carpenter build his own house he did how about that and here if you will is a lovely Grecia that Lacey Kilmer she is a Bismarck North Dakota she had 100 this had one years old it a secret to longevity she says take lots of nice long walks and always have dessert finally here is the lovely Zayn Malik Irae and he is from Columbus Ohio I feel 100 years old today speaks seven languages of my parents and he loves gardening that's all let's not come ice-skate here in Washington New York you've got a dutiful rake up there but this is pretty nice back to New York it does Weller thank you